We are also looking for global lantern festival show partners. If you are interested, and have the following conditions: including venues with a large crowd to visit, such as city squares, parks, attractions, etc .; have mature infrastructure. You can contact us to hold a lantern festival together and win-win cooperation.
Other conditions required for holding the light show can be mainly responsible for us, including planning, design, production, transportation, installation and operation management during the light show. Details as follows:

lantern show operation:


Our professional management team has 10 years of management experience and a mature lantern industry service system. It is engaged in the entire industry chain business content including lantern festival location, lantern design, production, transportation, installation, exhibition, exhibition, sales, etc.

Creative design and production of lanterns:


Our design team integrates the design concepts of the International lantern show for many years, and uses lighting technology to make sophisticated and creative lanterns. By combining tradition and fashion, culture and ecology, the traditional culture of lanterns is more visually impactful and infectious force.

Light show project implementation and management:


From the production of lanterns, logistics and transportation, on-site installation to on-site management of light shows, we have extensive project experience and professionals who hold light shows around the world.

Commercial operation of lantern festival show:

We are committed to building the Lantern Festival into a comprehensive trading platform integrating culture, commerce and tourism, and using scientific and effective management and operation models to maximize the added value brought by the Lantern Festival.