Zigong Lantern Festival is the Spring Festival Lantern Festival held every year in Zigong. People from Zigong and surrounding areas will come to Zigong Lantern Park to watch and spend a wonderful spring festival time.
      Zigong is located in the south of Sichuan, is one of the birthplaces of China salt, known as “salt city”, “hometown of dinosaurs” and “Lantern city” in the world and renowned Chinese and foreign, is the world geological park, national historical and cultural city, excellent tourist city China.
From 2016 February 8th to 2016 February 13th (a month is beginning to 6), the twenty-second Zigong international dinosaur lantern exhibition, safe and orderly, received a total of 380 thousand tourists exterior lights.
      The Lantern Festival is a new cultural tourism business event on the basis of the great success of Zigong Lantern Festival over the years. The Lantern Festival, with “the most dazzling Chinese wind”, “romantic French sentiment”, “great national soul”, “auspicious Chinese year” as the theme plate, eulogize the great era and carry forward the national culture. In the Lantern Park covers an area of ten hectares, the mesh model exhibit area, including modern lights all the manifestations of the 128 scene type lamp group, group type lamp group, the single large lamp group, integral lamp group, stage lamp group, gate, porch, and lamp, lamp light painting gallery, LightScribe; 110 thousand pieces of modern light atmosphere lights out, Canruo galaxy, lantern park will become a world of lanterns, a sea of joy.