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China O.A Lanterns corp is a global chinese garden lantern festival company manufactures for festival gardens lighting and luminous landscapes, which involves chinese lantern design, zigong lantern exhibition,lantern construction,landscape lighting, parade float..etc.Our concept comes from the chinese lantern festival culture, supplies customers with a full service of high-quality customization.


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Luminous Landscapes

The luminous landscapes is a good choice for the theme park and street, they are good decoration of most festival of light.


Catoon lantern

The cartoon lantern products chiefly is the main roles and scene with cartoon、film, myth and fairy tale.


Parade Float

A float is a decorated platform, either built on a vehicle like a truck or towed behind one, which is a component of many festive parades.

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Landscape Lighting

The landscape lanterns include pathway lighting、outdoor festival lights、holiday lanterns. etc.